Kido Industrial has been a leading company in motorcycle apparel industry since 1980
Thanks to fruitful business performance, the company expanded its product portfolio
to motorcycle helmet, and also swimwear. Then it demerged into three individual
companies: Kido Industrial for motorcycle apparel, Kido Sports for motorcycle helmet,
and Prex for swimwear.

Kido provides market leading products. Kido Industrial has market dominance in
North America, Europe, and Japan market by taking more than 40% of motorcycle
apparel market. Kido Sports, with its own ScorpionEXO® brand, has enjoyed good
reputation in Europe and North America market. Also, Prex swimwear is placed as one
of the top OEM swimwear makers in North America market.

From motorcycle apparel to swimwear, Kido has never stopped developing new technology, striving to make our customers satisfied with our products. This is the passion that all Kido people have in their mind always.

Kido’s vision for the next decades is passion, technology, and innovation. Kido will
revolutionize your lifestyle by continuously introducing innovative, quality products to
the market.

Be with us, and stay connected to the utmost customer satisfaction Kido provides.

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We believe the innovation is a combination of creativity, passion, and technology.
The innovation is an essential engine that makes the company not falling behind.

Kido people are striving for the best in their working area. Their passion establishes the
foundation of growth, and provides fundamental energy to the company’s future

Kido never stops researching new technology to introduce new and fresh features to
our valuable customers, as well as maintaining the best quality that makes our products premium.